Laura McEwan (lauramcewan) wrote in damnportlanders,
Laura McEwan

Help - homeless and jobless needs resources

Hi everyone.

Have a difficult situation. 20yo identifies as woman but is trans, just arrived in Portland. She is American and was in Ireland with her family for several years as her father is teaching there. Father is not accepting of her trans ID and refuses to give her or her mother money though he is well paid and capable. She and her mother scraped and saved to get a ticket back here.

She is a friend of my daughter's (daughter is just starting PSU). "A" has nowhere to go and can only stay with my daughter in the dorm through Sunday. She came to get away from her abusive father but no one thought through that jobs and housing take time and money.

She's out looking for work right now but I'm sure any job she finds will still take time to not only officially hire but pay.

Where can she go until she can get a real place, or how to find a real place, or can anyone offer a room? I myself cannot.

Any advice, resources, etc.? Really stressed over this as we're just not in a position to help and my daughter risks her housing if she breaks the rules regarding overnight guests.

Much appreciated.

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