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Thrill the World Portland is coming ~ practices start soon!

Hi Thrillers!
Welcome to the 8th annual Thrill the World Portland. We’re excited to be bringing Thriller back, with you…. shamon!

We're getting this autumn's practices underway on Friday, Sept 26th. We'll spend the first couple of practices breaking down the dance so that folks become familiar with it, then in future weeks we'll spend time making sure that everyone is comfortable performing the full dance.

We'll have practices every Friday 6-8 and Sunday from 2-4 until the date of the dance – all practices are free to the public. We have three different instructors this year, so you're able to experience a few different styles of learning the dance.
Folks are free to come to as many or as few practices as you wish; you can even learn it at home in full, with instructional videos online. Feel free to set up your own classes, if you like. Let us know if you have questions.
Practices are at 2620 NE Fremont, 97212, in Portland.

Wanna see us dance in 2013? 2011? 2009?

We dance on October 25th, at 3 pm, location to be announced. We're Portland largest, awesome-ist Thriller dance (and we hold the record for Portland's largest synchronized dance event!).  As always, we are honored to serve as a fundraiser for Portland's SMYRC (smyrc.org).
Invite your friends (and even your frenemies) – there’s no limit on the number of people who can participate. Folks of all ages and all abilities are welcome to dance with us. There will also be other opportunities to dance Thriller at some public events; we’ll let you know what they are as the events approach.

Please send this info around, as you like. We're looking forward to seeing you! Let’s Thrill Portland together.

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