Matthew Harris (glowing_fish) wrote in damnportlanders,
Matthew Harris

How much does it cost to live in Portland?

I am making plans, plans that might be real or might be theoretical.
How much does it cost to live in Portland? Or anywhere in the Portland area?

Last time I checked, studio apartments were going for around 600 dollars, and as much as 800. I have seen some down to 500, but those seemed pretty marginal. Detached houses or furnished basements might be 300-500, but most of them are in difficult circumstances.

And a lot of those prices don't include all, or even any, utilities. Depending on what type of heating it is and the like, there is going to be water, electricity, gas, internet...which at the very least is going to add another 100 dollars.

With a bicycle, a bus pass isn't going to be absolutely necessary, but I would think I would need one. I think a month of Tri-Met is 100 dollars now?

Grocery/sundries would probably work about 50 dollars a week, minimum.

All of this together makes me think that about 1000-1100 is the lowest amount that someone can live on in Portland, although if someone didn't need to ride the bus, got cheap utilities, lived in a roommate/basement situation, it might get down to...600-700 dollars a month.

Do these numbers seem pretty accurate? Has anyone lived on less than that?

I still hear talk about people saving up money and then just coming into town and finding a job, but it seems like even that would require 2000 or so dollars to start, if you could find a landlord who didn't require a heavy deposit and already having employment.

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