Matthew Harris (glowing_fish) wrote in damnportlanders,
Matthew Harris

FNNLC: Diehard Monkeycheese!!!!111!!!

Once again it is Friday night, and not much is going on in the world, at least in my world.

And once again, I stand, tattered falg grasped in my hand, waving it on the last bastion of the random and the chill and the just-hanging-out on the internet.

Some may think the time of "Monkey Cheese", of the internet being a place for mostly-anonymous people to hang out and trade non-sequitors and quips has passed. So what would you all rather be doing? Arguing on Facebook with your aunt in Duluth about whether Obama is a Muslim? Networking for an "entry level administrative asssitant job" on Linked In? Posting selfies on instagram? Whatever. Nothing will ever compare to the firehouse of randomness that LJ was at its best.

So yeah, cool people who cherish what the internet was supposed to be can hang out here.

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