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Yay insurance. Boo ... looking for doctors, in network, etc.

So, I'm reading through years' worth of past tagged doctor posts but might as well add another to the queue, right?

I'm looking for an MD/NP, preferably female, for general health stuff, nothing specific I need her to look at/know about, no real specific personal attributes I need her to be sensitive to (gay-friendly/knowledgeable, but that's pretty common, though I have to say I often think twice about places whose websites include generic pictures of clearly het families, and even practitioners who include info about their het families in their bios/bio pics. Anyhoo...). SE would be ideal but I would definitely prioritize the right person over staying close to home.

I can't see an ND for insurance reasons but even aside from that, I've mostly found them to not listen that much better than MDs, they just take longer asking you pages of questions before they give you their photocopied handout on diet which isn't that different from what you already eat or is so detailed as to be impractical, and rather than an rx for some "drug" you get rx for various herbs/supplements/powders. But, I do want someone with a holistic viewpoint - someone who will understand my reluctance to just throw drugs at symptoms rather than looking for a root cause, who is aware my body and its dysfunctions are more than the sum of the parts.
I'm thinking of my grandmother's opthalmologist, who noticed she had quickly developed a lot more liver spots, and told her it might be from a medication she had started; she had previously complained to her PCP about the liver spots and he shrugged and said something to the effect of, Well, that's aging for you. She was able to get the drug switched for another (not an eye drug whatsoever, ps), and liver spots went away. I want that doctor, except for my whole self, and in Oregon (he's in NH).
Do you know anyone a little like that I could maybe check out?
Thanks DP

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