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Invincible Spring, A Novel, on Kickstarter

Hello DamnPortlanders. It's been a while since I've been here, but, I'm looking for the damn bookwriters, damn publishers and damn political people of this fine community.

My friend, Jeanie Davenport, has been working on this book for quite some time. She and I met when I was working at Shari's between 2006 and 2009. She's an Eight Track Girl in a Gigabyte World and she's trying to make heads and tails of it all. With where our country is going, I believe the revolution is approaching. Society is changing faster than the government can handle and write legislation for. Our culture is evolving in both meatspace and cyberspace. We also need to make them understand that we've already depleted our natural resources. We're importing a lot that we should be making in-house. If and when those trading partnerships cease, we're going to be in big trouble.

This Kickstarter project that she's launching is her opinion and vision for our potential future. The goal is to spark brainstorms about how we, the people, are going to shape our future.

Washington, D.C. has proven many times throughout our history that it's not hearing all that needs to be heard. We need to stand up and make them hear us.

We're not breaking down any walls, we just want to be heard.

2026. Dinah and David Leary are escaping a crumbling America, finding a home in the strange and strangely familiar world of Pacifica.

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