bennomatic (bennomatic) wrote in damnportlanders,

Monday Monday

OK, it's the first Monday of the new year, and I propose a new tradition: no resolutions, no predictions, just a hope-to-see list.

What are the one-or-more top things that you hope to see during 2014?

I'll start:

- Personal: I'd like to see my app selling well enough that I have the option of making its development into a full-time gig.
- Local: I'd like to see Portland's economy growing enough that people who've been out of work for a time can find jobs, but not so much that we get another huge influx of out-of-state hipsters.
- National: I'd like to see the right-wing opponents of ACA give up the fight and allow for greater availability of health care.
- Also national: I'd like to see the left-wing opponents of ACA forge on with their fight, allowing for the first glimmers of universal health care to start showing before the end of the year.
- Worldwide: I would like to see at least one day where nobody dies due to the violence of another.

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