sarcastic bubblewrap (krazyfelioness) wrote in damnportlanders,
sarcastic bubblewrap

shout out for hands and explanation of the last post...

This happened almost a year ago after I was trapped in there with noway out with out being carried by someone else, and after requesting any way at all out of there, to move, a ramp, reasonable accomodation, anything.. they started demolitions, jackhammers and I was just told to keep asking for help from inside in there when I couldn't leave and din't know when i would get food, etc, I nearly died and asked so many for help.

I still need help with the stuff that was removed from my old apartment of 13 years, which is now resting somewhere in seven different places in portland. I was'nt able to barely take care of myself and needed in a care-home when I was moved out of there, but was told help would come to reapply and ask the same people that left me in there forever telling me to keep calling and askind and asking, etc.. It did'nt come and its been almost a year come ThanksGiving.

I am in the near end of the video. Please let me know if you are able to help, have a vehicle, whatever, even a ride to the store, dmv, credit union, etc and help carryig things would help sooooo very much.

Please let me know. I have been asking for help ever since and its been nearly a year. I am not talking about just Aging and disability and all the 211 places i was told to from in there and afterwards.. i mean pretty much anyone and eveyrone when i was told to prove i was asking for help back then.

Since so many ask... the injury was from being kicked in the head on a moonbounce in Everett Station Lofts and was told no one could be lieable for me or the chair up or down the steps, so didn' thave any help out of the apartment and asked for help forever. My feelings were hurt after thinking that while I was asking everyone for help they were just laughing and joking about it in DamnedPortlanders, but I was wrong. I apologize to banjololo.

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