sarcastic bubblewrap (krazyfelioness) wrote in damnportlanders,
sarcastic bubblewrap

Shout out for extra hands next Saturday the 16th! Are you able to lend a hand?

Bubblewrap Jo
22 minutes ago
Next Saturday after noon can anyone be available to help? I may have some one that can get a vehicle, and would like to put a shout-out for any other willing hands and arms that might be able to next Saturday. Any one with vehicles super encouraged if you are able to I'd so appreciate it. ... please pass on to anyone in Portland that might be able to... thanks!

Saturday the 16th.
Will that work?

Yes, what ever you can spare I will surely welcome with open arms and smiles of appreciation! What more specific time ranges? ANd if you can find a way to be able to use a vehicle that woud be awesome. I will try to see if i Can gather any more help during that time. May I forward this convo to a group of people that I have been asking for help ever since it happened? There are about 7 different places that it is, and i haven't had a chance to go thorug it or find what I need before it is too late. It is very ovewelming, but any help is a blessing tenfold.

I figure I will rent a vehicle from 1pm to 4pm or 4pm to 7pm. I can't really afford more than the 3 hours, so we are going to have to be efficient with the time. I have a preference for 4 to 7... but I don't know if we will be needing light, etc. I don't know where to meet you or where we are going still, btw. Fine to pass it on!

Thanks so much... Early when day light is on and street lights are off is preferably to me, but I am eager to work with what ever time you have to offer. I will either call you ore email you with the info when I hear back from a few people and am able to make a plan if others are available. I will let you know before next weekend. I just posted a shout out hoping others that might still live in Portland can help at all. Thanks again ever ever every somuch!!! All my love!

update: I was injured, left in a non-ADA apartment with no way in or out with out being carried. Called and asked for help for a very long time, a volunteer place helped me and my things out last fall and I have just now got a new place. The things are in about 7 different places around Portland, two of which are about to be locked out and auctioned if I don't find help, I had a partial spinal cordin injury and a resulting sryinx in my upper cervial and thorasic spine so I need help lifing things but am able to get myself up an ddown steps now. Does that help at all? It has been a long time and I don't know anyone in Oorltan d that is able to help. See the youtube video at the end of it for the promo for Lift Urban Portland... that was last fall, now I am doing much better but still need help. IS anyone able to?

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