silverback2001 (silverback2001) wrote in damnportlanders,

My fiancee wants to sell his hair.....who in the Portland area would want to buy it?

My fiancee and I just moved back to the Portland area. Hooray!

Now we're looking to get some cash to put down on a new place to live, so we can stop hogging space on my friend's basement floor :D

What does this have to do with selling hair? Well, for one, we have a need for money, so we want to SELL the hair, not donate it. We're looking for wig makers, doll makers, hair fetishists, whoever would pay decent money for his hair.

There's about what looks like 18-20 inches of golden/coppery virgin hair, and we know we could sell it at a hair auction, but want to make sure we have a buyer before it gets cut.

I can provide photos of said hair, and meeting to show off his luxurious locks in person, is also an option. ;)

So DP, who wants to play with my fiancee's hair?

And no matter what he may say, payments in cheesecake, or delicious pastries, is not a valid form of financial exchange. 

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