Matthew Harris (glowing_fish) wrote in damnportlanders,
Matthew Harris

One good thing about Portland:

Something that I am just realizing about Portland and its culture, is that no matter how silly or farfetched the things that people are doing there, they are doing them! People in Portland aren't inclined to say something can't be done...even when maybe they should be.

So while it might seem silly sometimes to have really tall bicycles, or people riding bicycles dressed like their favorite Doctor Who character, or productions of Star Trek episode in the park, or any number of other unusual things, the fact remains that when given an opportunity to do something, people actually did it, even if it seemed improbable.

And this extends to more serious things, too. Obviously the idea of a city where you didn't need a car to get around, and where the ideal wasn't to move further and further out into the exurbs, is something that would be greeted with cynicism in other places. Yet Portland keeps on foraging ahead, building a better and more fun world.

So, congratulations!

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