alison (nopoppersforme) wrote in damnportlanders,

temporary kitty foster home/long term cat sitter needed!

Hey DP! Thanks to the break up of my long-term relationship, I'm losing my apartment and catsitter. I am working a job that has me on the road for a couple more months so the homeless thing is no biggie. BUT! I'm in need of a temporary foster home for my two kitties, Maoux and Lu, for March and April. I don't want to board them but would rather find someone willing to take them into their home for two months. They're indoor only, litterbox trained, spayed and neutered, and super sweet. I'll provide food and litter and will pay for the love and attention! Thought I'd throw that out here if anyone has suggestions for finding a temporary home. I'm not limited to the Portland area. Any suggestions or leads would be really helpful! Here or email me at Thanks!

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