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Home Buying & Neighborhoods

The wife and I are starting the process of buying a home. In our ideal world we would stay in inner N/NE (Woodlawn, Arbor Lodge, King, etc.) but most of the houses in these neighborhoods are a bit above what we're currently comfortable with. Short sales aside, our price range is showing us that the majority of the homes we can afford are either in:

- St. Johns
- Farther out NE/SE (past the 50's but we're not interested in going past the 70's, anyway).

So, DP, if you were us what area would you focus on? Neighborhood is obviously important (safety*, walkability, proximity to grocery stores, freeway access, etc.) but so is a return on our investment. Since this will probably not be the house we live in forever, it's important that the house appreciates in value (you know, when the housing market starts swinging back up again). What neighborhoods do we think are going to start picking up in the next few years, possibly become renewal areas for the city, etc.?

* Safety is a pretty relative term. We live in Woodlawn now and have been within a block of drive-by shootings in the middle of the day, our neighbors have had to padlock their porch furniture to keep them from being stolen, and our friendly neighborhood crackhead is always up on people's porches trying to get cigarette butts. We're ok with this. Anything more, probably not so much.
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