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Step In From The Darkness

Hey DP! How's the cold weather treating you? What's that? You and your family's heads are cold? Have no fear! I am here with warm hats that will keep you warm and make you awesome!

I just started selling the crochet hats I make! I sell scarves, too! I make them in adult and child sizes, in a variety of colors and patterns. These are perfect gifts for friends and family. When I decided to start making them for sale I decided that I wanted to use colors and patterns that were a little more edgy. A friend told me she couldn't find a lot of things for her daughter that were black or pink and black so I make a lot of pink and black, and purple and black stuff. I also have more masculine colors for little dudes, too.

The hats are all the skull type kind of hat and have a lot of stretch to them. If you're interested and have a big head, don't worry! I make hats for big heads, too. I'd just need a measurement and I can go off that.

This is a child's puff stitch hat with ears in light pink and black. I can make them with the bear ears or not. I can also add puff balls on top instead.

This is an adult puff stitch hat and scarf set in pale yellow. It can have ears or a ball on top, too.

And this is an adult half double crochet hat and scarf set in dark pink and black. Ears, once again, are optional.

Adult hats are $10. Scarves depend on the width and length but start at $15. Sets, depending on scarf length, start at $20. And the child hats are $8. I can also add cute bows to the hats and scarves, I just don't have any pictures of that. As for colors, I have basically all the colors of the rainbow and then some.

I can deliver, free of charge, wherever Tri-Met goes. And it doesn't take me long to do the hats, but around two days for a scarf. If you're interested feel free to send me a private message or email me at: moreno dot whitney at gmail dot com

Thanks and Happy Holidays.
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