this mundane stuff called life (winnett) wrote in damnportlanders,
this mundane stuff called life

Cat! Needs a home

Hey everyone.

I have a cat that needs a home. It is a stray that I took in over the weekend, but it doesn't get along with my two old cats. They constantly hiss at it. I've tried to find the owner, but nobody stepped up. It was found at the Eastridge Business Park off of 117th in Vancouver, WA.

The kitty is a gray male, unaltered, about 6 months old. It's very friendly and litter box trained. Really a sweet cat, who likes to snuggle. He does meow a bit, which is his only bad habit. (My other two cats rarely meow, though the apartment is full of hisses!)

I'm leaving this weekend and can't leave the cat with my cats in my apartment, so I need to get rid of him (We named him Winston) by Thursday, or I'm taking him to the pound. Which breaks my heart, because he's just an awesome cat.

If anyone is interested, please contact me (below the cut).

EDIT Currently have someone interested in him! So, yeah for Winston!

You can contact me via winnett at

Thanks! Hope someone needs a friendly, sweet kitty.

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