Honey Brown (meankitten) wrote in damnportlanders,
Honey Brown

Female pet owner seeking a damned shared home

Hey guys! Unfortunately the epicly awesome house I'm living in right now has its lease up September 1st. Since the other roomies are leaving I kinda figured it was a sign I should too, plus it'd be easier to move than find two new ones. I have an ad on craigslist, but if you know anyone looking for an awesome housemate show them how incredible I sound. I do have pets if that matters.

I am a 26 year old female looking for a shared home to move into around September 1. I am a student at PCC (PSU in the fall!) studying Psychology and Art as I want to combine these things into becoming an Art Therapy Counselor. I am super into reading psychology blogs and learning everything I can about the human brain. Human behavior as a whole tends to fascinate the hell out of me!
I am employed as a dog groomer which allows me to comfortably pay the bills so I can go to school. It's a pretty sweet job and means I get to play with dogs all day, although I usually come home exhausted as trying to convince an 80 lb german shepherd it wants its nails clipped can be quite the physical experience.
In my free time I do a lot of yoga and hiking, as well as just getting out to see the city. I do all that weird kind of Portland stuff like the Zombie walks and Pioneer Square pillow fights. I'm not a home-body, although I do love winding down with a good movie or episode of True Blood at night. I have a pretty active social life too. Every Wednesday I do trivia and every Thursday is Ladies night downtown! I drink socially but not at home really unless it's a beer with dinner or something.
I do have two small dogs. I was a dog obedience trainer for a few years before I became a groomer, so they are a really well behaved set of pooches. I allow them to bark at knocks at the door, but other than that, they are quiet and listen and respond to commands actively. It's great there if is a yard but I get them a lot of exercise outside the house as a tired dog is a happy dog. I have plenty of past roomie behavior references for them (plus their AKC CGC - Canine Good Citizen Awards!) and you are totally welcome to meet them before you decide.

Ashley Conley
rowdydoxie AT gmail dot com

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