Jillian (tastee) wrote in damnportlanders,

low-key NYE?

This year will be my first NYE in Portland. I have seen ads for dress-up classy stuff and get drunk dance-party stuff. Neither is really my scene.

In St. Louis I'd always head to this dive bar for NYE with a buffet of barfood, cheap drinks live music, and ample seating to play card/board games/hang out or play pool.

Anybody know of something kinda like that going on in Portland? I'm not into dancing or standing in a packed room or waiting 20 minutes at a bar to get a drink. And my husband doesn't drink at all. So really anything NYE that has any draw besides dancing and getting drunk.

I realize can drink and eat pizza and play board games at my house, and that's my plan B (in which case anybody want to join?). But I do like celebrating and counting down with other people.

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