Joleine (joleine) wrote in damnportlanders,

Driving from Portland to Spokane

This may seem like a really stupid question.. I mean really, how hard is it to drive from Portland to Spokane? I've done it hundreds of times myself. But, I'm more curious about WINTER driving.

With the recent random closures of spots of I-84, we're researching alternative routes. I have a Subaru Tribeca (AWD yay!) and chains so I'm not afraid to drive in it, I just don't want to get stuck on the way there or way back. We'll be going next week!

Has anyone done a route other than I-84 to 395 through the Tri-Cities to I-90 before? That's the only way I've ever gone.

I know we could go up I-5 to Seattle and then take I-90 all the way over the pass, but I imagine the pass might be more difficult than I-84!

I also found this route - I-84 to Hwy 97 up into Washington through Yakima and meet up with I-90.. (see picture behind cut)

I'm probably being WAY over paranoid about this, but I really don't want to get stuck at some random truck stop while waiting for the roads to open, ya know? :)

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Tags: travel

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