Kengwen (kengwen) wrote in damnportlanders,

Hi all,
I'm supposed to meet a friend at a dance studio after an event being held this afternoon. She told me the name and I was going to google it, but I neglected to write the name down and now what I remember (i think it has the word light and/or the word body in it?) isn't enough. It's in close-in SE, she said it was pretty close to that crazy Sandy/Burnside intersection, and that it was on the second floor of a building that also has mental health counseling offices. She also said it was near some school with tennis courts - I'm guesing Benson Polytechnic/Buckman fields, based on my googline? I know she participates in ecstatic dance (though I'm not exactly sure what that is). It is not a strip club. Anybody have an idea what the name of this studio might be?
(Next time, yes, I will try to write the name down, apparently my short term memory is a little lacking...)

ETA: so, I had both the words wrong, it was Opening to Life studio, on NE 12th between Flanders and Glisan, right across the street from the Buckman tennis courts, and it was not an ecstatic dance class (though my friend does do that, whatever it is) but an authentic movement class (again, whatever that is).
Thanks for all the help!

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