ashley (broknashleydoll) wrote in damnportlanders,

so i just watched vh1's 40 hottest hotties of the 90s. yeah yeah, i know...

so i want to know, who did you think was hot in the 90s? not who from the 90s do you find hot now, but back then who did it for you?

here is the list of the ones they picked along with my choices:

40. Tiffany Amber Thiessen
39. Jenny McCarthy
38. Tyson Beckford
37. Cameron Diaz
36. Denise Richards
35. Johnny Depp
34. Shania Twain
33. Dean Cain
32. Sarah Michelle Geller
31. Fabio
30. Janet Jackson
29. Ethan Hawke
28. Jenna Jameson
27. Demi Moore
26. Lenny Kravitz
25. Toni Braxton
24. Keanu Reeves
23. Jennifer Aniston
22. Tupac
21. Joey Lawrence
20. Luke Perry
19. Jennifer Love Hewitt
18. Antonio Banderas
17. Gabrielle Reece
16. Heather Locklear
15. LL Cool J
14. Tyra Banks
13. John Stamos
12. Heather Graham
11. JFK Jr.
10. Denzel Washington
9. Mariah Carey
8. Leonardo DiCaprio
7. Christina Applegate
6. George Clooney
5. Alicia Silverstone
4. Brad Pitt
3. Cindy Crawford
2. Pamela Anderson
1. Mark Wahlberg

of those on the list i thought johnny depp, shania twain (shuddup), lenny kravitz, leonardo decaprio, janet jackson (steamy videos and lyrics), alicia silverstone (that crazy video), and brad pitt were cute. i also liked rob thomas, ryan phillipe, angelina jolie, and im sure more ut im blanking. yeah, i was a teenager, gimme a break.
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