Wheatheart (wheatheart) wrote in damnportlanders,

Home Depot is Hiring


Yes, I know of one company hiring:  Home Depot.  Cant guarantee that it's full time or permanent but even a part time job helps.  It's not a job where you just sit on your ass.  It's often fast paced with a bazillion customers all wanting your attention at the same time and not wanting to wait, there's heavy lifting, there's sometimes working out in the rain or the hot sun and most people working for the company have the idea that "if you have time to lean, you have time to clean".  and just FYI, your hair can be dyed but only to colors that would naturally grow, facial piercings arent a great idea and depending on the manager of a specific store visible tattoos can either be a no-no or they dont care.  As far as work dress goes, think tennis shoes, jeans and a polo.

Apply online.  Give it a few days, call the store you want and bug them so they can pull the application quicker.

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