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Doomed to a cardboard box? Or are there other options?

I was laid off in March and will collect my last severance payment later this month. I have June's rent covered, but after that, my lease is up. I'm really starting to worry about where I'm going to live after the end of June. I'm working part-time and am eligible for unemployment benefits, but obviously, I can no longer afford an apartment on my own. So my question is, what options do I have? I'd like to avoid sleeping in my car, if possible. I do have some income -- I just can't afford $800 per month, especially since I'm trying to keep my car payment current to avoid a repossession. Is a shelter my best option? A rooming house? A cheap roommate situation? What are other unemployed Portlanders doing to keep a roof over their heads? I'm really, really worried about this. if anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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