LilGreyThing (hallucinas) wrote in damnportlanders,

Workplace etiquette?

Hey DP. I don't know who to ask this question so I am asking here.

I work at a k-8 school and I injured myself there on Monday. It is obvious that I am injured; I have a boot and crutches. People around ask what happened and I just tell them something simple without going into details. I don't like attention and don't want to discuss the details with random people who work in the building.

I did tell my supervisor and several people with whom I work closely. My supervisor, however, has no taken it upon herself to loudly proclaim to people who don't know, in my presence, how I hurt myself. And today she told someone I fell off a ladder, which is completely false. There are no ladders at my school.

Anyway, is there something I could say to get her to stop broadcasting my medical information to anyone who happens to walk by? Usually that person will have asked about what happened and I will say something like "oh it's just a sprain" to make them happy. But then she jumps in! Argh!

Any thoughts? Should I just let her be a boundary-less weirdo until I heal? She is not someone I normally have issues with...

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