this is my life and freedom's my profession (halloween) wrote in damnportlanders,
this is my life and freedom's my profession

Stolen Backpack from my scooter left on SW 1st and Meade

Yeah, I know it was stupid of me to leave my backpack on my scooter all night long.

But I didn't expect to stay at the place I was staying at all night long. Just a few minutes, I thought, to pick up some cookies. Maybe you stole my back pack 'cause you thought I had sweet stuff in there, but now that you know it was just a bowling ball and some electrical tape, you'll give it back? No questions asked, no police, no nothing.

I have a few a few poems I wrote in there I'd like to get back. I think I have an 1/8th" adapter which would be nice to have back too.

Hell, you can keep the naughty dice if you want, and the electrical tape. Those were both from a relationship gone array. I ain't got no use for those anymore.

Just please, that bowling ball was awesome. And I use that beat to shit backpack all the time.

Do an anonymous dropoff, I don't care. But I can't fucking roll without my ball.

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