mycologynerd (mycologynerd) wrote in damnportlanders,

I found a great deal at public storage for a 5x5 feet unit for $38 a month (first month $1 with a $22 admin fee)

That is a great great deal but I was wondering if anyone knew any better!

I am looking for June 12th-Sept 12th(or 20th)

Would it be totally sketch to rent a spot in someones basement? It wouldn't save me much that's for sure. I was thinking $75 for the entire span of time. I wouldnt' need 5x5 then either I think I have more like 3x5 of stuff maybe even less because I can stick some of it at my partners house.


Oh and just for background, while all of you are enjoying a beautiful summer here in good ole Portland, Oregon I will be braving the heat of Palm Springs Cali we are talking 130 degree August days and cooling off in the 90's at night. The kind of heat where it hurts to get your mail. My car doesn't have A.C. either. I get to have my little girl with me the whole summer and not have to worry about rent/food/childcare costs down there so it's a great trade off!

40 days and counting!

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