_heynow (_heynow) wrote in damnportlanders,

a request:

this is probably a long shot (because who wants to give these up?) but i suddenly have two friends coming from out of town thursday evening, which would normally be great, but a group of friends and i are going to see star trek in imax on thursday. at 9:55. and it's sold out :( worse comes to worse, they will just get tickets for the 10:10 show on thursday not in imax and go in a different room, but we'd like to see if anyone has two tickets for the 9:55 imax showing that we could buy from you if you aren't attached to seeing it on thursday or just can't go.. and pay above what you paid for them (which comes out to an UNREASONABLE 16.50 per ticket, sigh.)

let me know if you can, but if not, thanks for looking anyway :)

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