A Real Winner (supresmooth) wrote in damnportlanders,
A Real Winner

Watch Repair[person, usually a guy]

I have an automatic Seiko. The rotor has come loose and instead of merely circling around inside, it now flaps up and down and bounces on the other mechanisms. I cannot wear it this way because it will damage the rest of the watch.

Do any of you have experience with and therefore can recommend a watch repairman (more likely a clockmaker than a jeweler, IME) that knows automatics?

If you can provide the specifics of your experience (watch type, value, cost of repairs, turnaround time), that would be extra special.

I need a watch, damn it!*

*No, a cell phone will not suffice as a time-keeping device, specifically backstage where I use my watch. Cell phone displays are backlit and can interfere with the ambiance, much like you guys.
Tags: where can i get ... ?

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