Peggy Baratto (petalla) wrote in damnportlanders,
Peggy Baratto

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On Friday, May 8, Clackamas Community College is having its annual plant sale!

I won't even mention how many different shrubs, trees, garden plants, veggies we've got in our overloaded greenhouses, and hoop house--but here's a little price list:

Hanging pots (Fuchsias!) 15 bucks.

Six packs and color spots: 1.50

Tomatoes: .50

Shrubs and trees: as marked (much lower than the nurseries, I promise!)

Sale starts at 12:00 PM! But, if you can, come early (line starts at 8:00 and it is pretty long. BBQ for those on line! Bring boxes to carry plants!

OK--bad marketing ploy alert!
For you people that have seen the movie (OK. I admit it, I've read the book (hated it), and have seen the movie--just because it is one of our Greenhouses that one of the scenes takes place in) Come see the Greenhouse that is featured in TWILIGHT!
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