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Miss A


Okay, I hope this hasn't been posted a million times, but I swear I Googled and didn't find anything...

I would like to join a gym and I am looking for recommendations.

The details: 
- I live in Hillsboro, so west side is ideal, but I take classes at PSU four days a week, so I will consider places reasonably near downtown.
- I would like someplace where the concept of customer service is not completely foreign to them. 
- I am not really a workout-savvy person, so I need somewhere where someone will answer my questions about how to use the machines. A five minute tour of the facility does not qualify, and  I would prefer not to pay $400 extra to get this information.
- Late hours are ideal, since I am a night owl. And by late, I at least need a place that is open until 9 or 10 most nights, but the later the better. 
- Rock walls, saunas, pools, basketball, racquetball and the like are cool but not necessary. 
- I am not rich, so reasonably priced is helpful. 
- Also, the given stuff like: clean, safe, etc. 

Am I dreaming? Or does anyone have any suggestions? 

If you hate gyms (or I guess even if you don't), what do you do to keep in shape? And how do you stay motivated?


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