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BSG final episode. discussion and SPOILERS

Well, I feel enough time has passed that all of my friends who were going to watch the BGS finale have, and I can feel free to openly discuss it.


It was a good episode, but I am so disappointed. Too many lose ends, too many contrived answers and too many set-ups that were abandoned.


Example: WHY bring Daniel into the equation at all? It was clearly obvious within the final four episodes that Daniel was Starbuck’s father and she was half Cylon. It made sense. Perfect sense, actually. Her resurrection could have been explained away as leftover resurrection technology on Earth, under the rubble or whatnot. Granted, the fact her viper was fully restored made little sense but that was another issue the writers had to deal with. But to basically make her a ghost or, as I have pieced together, a piece of the Holy Trinity (Gaius, Six and Starbuck) was a bad idea and left a sour taste in my mouth, as I am sure it did many viewers. I was actually pretty excited about the Daniel revelation, to be honest. And poor Lee. Gets to Earth 2.0 and his father leaves forever. Moments later, the love of his life pisses off. Nice. No wonder he wanted to go out exploring. What’s left for him there?


Poor Chief. I think, of everyone, I felt for him the most. Well, other than when Gaius, despite everything he had accomplish to leave the farmer’s life behind him forever, realizing that his future consisted of nothing other. That broke my heart a little. But poor Chief. It’s about the only thing that happened that made Lee look a little less effed.


The overall ending of landing on our earth and beginning what would be, millennia later, here and now was interesting but at the same time, kind of a writer’s gaffe. They painted themselves in a corner then tried to be clever, although I’ll have to admit, I did like the reference to Mitochondrial Eve. That made a lot of sense, actually, but at the same time raises the question about life before her – if mitochondria exists in symbiosis within our blood cells, exchanging oxygen for electrical impulses which are used to move every muscle and fuel every aspect of our being from conscious actions to autonomic functions, then how did we survive without them? It is interesting that mitochondria have their own dna (MtDNA), separate from ours. Ah well…


So, disappointed yet sad it is over. Not looking forward to the spinoffs. Now it’s like they dragged BSG out into the street, beat it mercilessly, and refuse to let it die. Maybe the “Their Side” will be interesting but I have little to no interest in Caprica.


So, how did YOU feel about the final episode, Portland?


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