Na zdraví (ellettra) wrote in damnportlanders,
Na zdraví

down the rabbit hole?

i am pretty sure that while i was riding in the car with a friend downtown a couple of weeks ago i saw what appeared to be... an elevator? going down into the sidewalk. neither of us got a good enough took at it to know if that's actually what we saw.

so i'm wondering if i had some kind of massive hallucination (and if so, why it couldn't have been naked dancing girls instead of weird elevators) or if this kind of thing actually exists.

if it DOES exist, what in the heck is it for? what's under the sidewalks? can anyone get on these elevators? and HOW!

and before anyone asks, i have no idea which streets we were on.

i'm imagining portland laced underneath with some crazy tunnel system accessed by secret passwords, foot taps in morse code and other fantastical stuff. this is making my secret steampunk self all aquiver with the possibilities.

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