bennomatic (bennomatic) wrote in damnportlanders,

Is it important to be earnest? (Theater Tix for Cheap or Free)

Two lucky DPers might find out tonight!

The wife and I have tix to tonight's show at Portland Center Stage, and she's not feeling up to it, so I've got two tickets to offload. It's at 7:30p, and, well, the tix cost us something like $30 dollars and it'd be great to get something for them, but I'd rather get nothing than let them go to waste, so I'm taking the first offer rather than the best offer.

Only caveat: I'm in the SE, near Reed College and I don't want to travel too far to give them away, so you have to be willing to come somewhat near to my neighborhood, like close enough that I could walk my dog there. Maybe to the Gladstone Cafe/Pizzeria at SE Gladstone west of 39.

Any takers?

[EDIT: In case my title is too subtle, the play is "The Importance of Being Earnest"]

[Edit: Taken!]

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