winstonchiswell (winstonchiswell) wrote in damnportlanders,

Spokane Discount like store?

Say, DP. A question: does anyone know of the Spokane Discount? If not, for shame! As much as I am not a consumerist pig bent on acquisitiion of worldly goods, the Spokane Discount makes me very happy.
It's one of those places that takes all of the returns/overstocks of companies like Costco and whatnot and then sells em at BASEMENT prices. I've got a whole Ralph Lauren wardrobe (silk pants, shirts etc) from there, $6-10 a piece.
Socks, shoes, pants, ties, tv's, etc etc etc. Most of the stuff is brand new and never opened. Or the customer bought it, didnt like the colour and returned it.

MY question there such a place around Portland? Tigard? Beaverton? Gresham? Anywhere?

I know there's this closeout club thing going on, but I don't have time (or money ) this weekend. ALso, I'm not sure I wanna deal with an urgent mob. The Spokane Discoutn is always open, and they've always got great stuff. ANyone??

Thank you o benevolent and non-snarky DP! :D

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