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Break-Up Letters '09

Friday the 13th vs. Valentine’s Day!

It’s been 6 years since the auspicious coincidence of these two dates, 6 years since the first publication of Break-Up Letters - a zine devoted to those paragons of letter-writing, the Final Letter.

We invite you to bring your received, sent, or never-sent Break-Up Letter to the Love Show, this Friday the 13th at Olympic Mills. We’ll provide a copy of volume 1 of Break-Up Letters, plus a bar of chocolate for each submission. Send that letter you never sent! Re-purpose those terminary epistles into a new life, as Art!

Bring the actual paper copy of the break-up letters for submission. For those of you who don’t’ wish to part with your letter, a scanner will be on hand. You can also forward break-up emails or text messages (!) to

Friday, February 13th
107 SE Washington St
FREE! All Ages!

More on the love show:

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