Tim (littlebluedog) wrote in damnportlanders,

portland party venues?

dPeeps ~

So, there's a pretty major birthday party coming up, and the planning committee is looking for venues. We could do a house party, but we're looking for other options around Portland. We're planning for about 40-60 guests ... and my house isn't quite that big.

What we want is something along these lines:
- can have it for an entire Saturday evening
- can be a room, or rooms, that are private (but could be a reserved part of a larger establishment)
- we want to be able to either have it catered by the establishment or bring our own food
- same with booze
- we'd like to have a Rock Band / Guitar Hero setup, if possible
- we'd like to be able to play our own (recorded) music, without having to set up a bunch of speakers

Any ideas?


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