Katie Miller (favorsforfavors) wrote in damnportlanders,
Katie Miller

A favor for a friend

For Sale:
9 month old teacup Pomeranian named Soldier. He is an absolutely loving dog but unfortunately circumstances will not allow us to keep him.
He is the smallest (weighs only about 2 lbs!), cutest thing you have ever seen I guarantee it. It’s like a little rabbit mixed with a tiny fox. He’s energetic , intelligent, playful. LOVES TO SNUGGLE! Friendly and outgoing with all size dogs and humans alike.

If interested or have further questions, please contact Christian @ 602.499.2761 or Danielle @ 503.810.5893

*I can vouch that this dog is super adorable and well-behaved. My friend Christian is leaving the state for work so I'm just trying to help him re-home this little guy.

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