Oh, go "credential" yourself, Jerkface! (ms_xeno) wrote in damnportlanders,
Oh, go "credential" yourself, Jerkface!

Selling Vinyl-- Is EM My Only Shot ?

Hey, Folks. I'll try to keep this brief. Things are lousy and I want to sell my collection of mostly-jazz LPs. There are a few possible rarities in amongst 800-plus well-cared-for records. I really don't want to use ebay. I could live with the hassle if their fees weren't so ridiculous and the odds of selling even a fraction of what I own weren't slightly less than nil. I know Everyday Music will rip me off-- it's how they stay in business, right ? Also, I will feel less heartbreak if the collection goes out the door all at once rather than bit by bit.

The thought of Craig's List makes me want to tear out my hair. I just don't think it'll work for this kind of thing. I would be fine with a capital-D dealer wanting to come over for a day or two to inspect what I've got, but not some random stranger off the 'net no matter how cool they say they are.

If you know of a reliable dealer/collector in Portland-Vancouver area who might be interested, let me know. I'll be typing up a comprehensive list of everything sometime next week if I feel like anyone's interested.

My personal first choice would be donating the whole thing to Ethos Music Center in N. Portland. Doing good, plus getting a nice tax break in 2010. But 2010 is a looooooong way off and I could use even modest $$ in hand much sooner, y'know ?


P.S.-- No, leasing my womb is not an option. So don't suggest it. :p

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