blackolive (blackolive) wrote in damnportlanders,

Negotiating down your rent?

I had no idea about this until my older sister mentioned it to me, but has anyone ever negotiated down the rent on an apt they wanted? Basically I'd been seeing ads for this apartment for a little over a month, and the price looked a little high to me which was why I figured it was having a difficult time being rented out. After looking at the apt then talking to my sister, I called the apartment management place (it's owned by an actual management company, not a plex or privately owned type rental) and offered $200 below what they wanted for the monthly rental cost, plus I asked that they remove the move-in/cleaning fee. After two days, I get a call saying they'll agree to it.

I'm getting a crazy good deal now and I'm wondering if I should've been doing this all along or whether this is something apt management companies are only just now doing because of the economy?

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