13skeletoras (13skeletoras) wrote in damnportlanders,

stray cat...

So, a sad little stray cat was just freaking out outside our door and isn't looking too good. We brought her in and have her isolated in a bedroom (away from our cats) to feed her and check her out. She is skin and bones and has open sores and ate like she hadn't eaten in a long time. She seems to be young - maybe 1-2 years old - and she's very friendly (and pretty scared, too). We're going to take her somewhere to see if she's microchipped, but are at a loss after that. We can't take her in and we can't just leave her outside all sick and ragged. What are our options? Are there any shelters that would take her and not just put her down? Anybody able to nurse her back to health (I honestly just think she needs food, warmth, and maybe some flea treatment) or looking for a really friendly cat friend? We're also posting in Craigslist, but don't know what else might be good.


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