mycologynerd (mycologynerd) wrote in damnportlanders,

Lush Henna Hair

Someone recently asked about the Lush Henna hair color. I have been dying to color my born again virgin hair but haven't because of the chemicals! EEEK! So now I see Lush.. I have a amazon gift card and I am just going to GO FOR IT.

Ok so I want the Reddest red there is.
Caca Noir
Caca Rouge
Caca Morran

Does anyone know which is the reddest?

*edit* gosh darn it RIGHT after i posted this I realized it SAID right under that which one is the most red!

Anyways before I go ahead and purchase this I'd like to hear anyones thoughts on the Lush Henna products. I am going for the Caca Rouge.

On a related note, if anyones looking for som great 100% natural shampoo, I got ToadStool Soaps as a Xmas gift and the shampoo is great. I have been trying to find a all natural shampoo (and yes I know about No-Poo) for 4 years and Toadstool soaps is the first to actually pull me in. It lathers like a regular shampoo. I haven't used any conditioner but as long as I wait for my hair to be dry before I brush it then it's smooooth.

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