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Lend me your NetMD enabled MiniDisc walkman and get a FREE Sony MiniDisc home deck!

I need to get a bunch of Asian field recordings off of MiniDiscs and onto the computer so I can make cool songs with them.

Having a newer NetMD walkman that allows upload would make this go much, much faster. Older NetMD minidisc walkmans do not support this.

What you get: you can have my Sony MiniDisc home deck, with remote! Works fine but makes an annoyed clicking sound if there's no disc in the slot. Not a big deal as far as I can tell. It's this or I'm taking it to Goodwill; I'm getting out of the MiniDisc format.

I would just record the samples into the computer digitally, but my MiniDisc gear only has optical digital outs and my stupid DAW interface only has RCA type digital ins, and I don't want to pay $100 for a converter I'll use once. Plus that will take hours.

I know it's a long shot but hey, that's what DPers is best at, right?

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