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The best damn community in Portland.
Read the userinfo page to see what we're all about.
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Hello, it's gelasia
how is everyone doing? i created this site and am in wonder. facebook took over... hey (whisper) maybe the mean people left? let's see.... are you doing well?
Brit-tany is the Prettiest Princess!
First DP Post of 2018!
Happy New Year! ;)
Brit-tany is the Prettiest Princess!
First DP Post of 2017!
Happy New Year! ;) 
Matthew Harris
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Portland!

I hope this Christmas season finds you happy and warm. I know that isn't always the case, but we can always hope.

As you might know, I am not in Portland.  It is summer where I am, and while the wet Portland winters and endless wet socks were hard, in my memories I miss the misty gray winter days and smell of pine trees. Enjoy it all! You sometimes don't know how good you have it.

Matthew Harris
Saturday Night No Life Club
I am avoiding two parties to stay inside and stare at the internet.

I might be an inappropriate host, because for me it is the middle of winter and all I want is my warm pyjamas and hot chocolate, so if anyone wants to fill up this NLC with tales of warm summer breezes and cups of wine on the patio, feel free to do so.

Besides, of course, being true No-Lifers, I hope we are faithfully in the basement, eating cheetohs, and watching reruns on TV.
Matthew Harris
How is summer going?
Hello Portland!

How is summer going? Are we working on our summer lists? After the time of endless rain and bare trees, are we unrolling the list of outdoor activities that we've been dreaming about for nine months? Is the heat as intolerable as the damp and the cold was? What's the Portlandiest thing you've done? Where are you going? Where do you plan to go? Tell me all the details!
Matthew Harris
A long way from home.
I am a long way from home, in Santiago Chile.

Along with it being close to the winter solstice here, there are many things that I miss about Portland.

One of the things that Portland has prided itself on is density, as opposed to the sprawl that has wrecked other cities. But, in comparison to where I am now, the Portland area is spread out in places. That does have some good effects, like traffic noise and crowds and pollution not always being focused into one small area. The amount of little parks and greenspaces, and even just things like stores having trees and stupid little lawns, is actually enviable. Like I wouldn't mind being in suburban Beaverton right now.

Well, that is my report for now. Say hello if you want to.
indoor yard sale!
My mom has sold 1650 sq. ft. house and is am going TINY!! She is going to be moving into a 250 sq.ft. tiny house so she's selling EVERYTHING!! (no appliances) Furniture, knick knacks, some clothes, kitchen stuff, ect.

NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED. She will also be accepting some not so reasonable offers. There will also be a lot of FREE STUFF! EVERYTHING MUST GO!!

Time: 8 am to 6 pm.
Where: 21700 SW Kristin Ct. Beaverton
Gah! Facebook nap over!
I miss y'all!

How is everyone?

I'm back here!
Matthew Harris
Spring plans?
It looks like we are just a few days away from spring, which means it is time to change out of our four layers of clothing, remove the webbing from our toes, and enjoy all the opportunities of the Oregon spring!

I've been in Tacoma for the past month, and have been so busy with important stuff, that I've hardly noticed the change of seasons, besides to notice that half the trees have leaves now!

So are you all ready for the spring? Going to make it a great one? Tell us! :)
Blackjack Gabbiani
I'm aiming to beat a world record and the problem is I need two people without a connection to me to verify it. You have to be "an expert in the field" but considering the record is Largest Collection of Video Game Screenshots (YES that's a real thing!) that would be anything from visual artists to geeks to programmers to avid gamers. So if you think you're even remotely qualified, drop me a line at cammycommando@yahoo.com and we can set up when to do this. I need two, as I said, so I'd need to set up a time we can all meet. I'd prefer to do this at Washington Square Mall since it's near my house, and since I need to videotape the proceedings it's nice and well lit. I'll buy you anything you want from the food court during the entire time, as well as copies of the next Guinness Gamers Book when it comes out.

Notice regarding those compensations--I AM allowed to compensate you just as long as that compensation doesn't change with the outcome. So you'd get all of those no matter if I break the record or not.

I'd also prefer that at least one of you has a laptop. I have one but since as I said I have to get a video of this, I'd want to get both of you at the same time.

Please help me out! Finding verifiers is proving to be more difficult than working on the record itself!
Alana Ash
How's that for Being Born Under a Bad Sign?
Don't listen to him I love that you are all still here.

Matthew Harris
FNNLC: First Friday of the New Year Edition!
Hello 2016! Hello Portland!

This year we have the added treat of having a Friday that falls on the first of the year.

And while the rest of the year might be busy and full of action, I think for most of us, this Friday is probably not too hopping. After all, its cold, and we already partied last night! My goals for right now are going to Fred Meyer, and then playing some games, and reading some comic books. Maybe watch some television!

I am sure that all of you are joining me in this spirit, but if you are actually up to something, let us know!
Matthew Harris
FNNLC: almost Christmas!
Not that I am bourgeois enough to keep track of things, but there is only a few weeks until Christmas. Also only a few weeks until Solstice, when the days start getting longer!

But for now it's dark and very rainy, and the only thing we have to do is eschew activities and embrace the Internet!

So how are you doing on this cold night?

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

Matthew Harris
Hello calling all my snnlcers to order!

It's getting late in the year, the stresses of holidays are upon us and the lack of daylight might be getting some of us down. But we always have this warm community to embrace and delight us! So pull up a chair, get yourself some virtual cocoa and cookies, and tell is what's going on with you!

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

Matthew Harris
FNNLC: Spoooky Rainstorm edition
As things get darker and colder, it becomes more difficult to go out and socialize and have fun. But don't worry, the Internet is here for you.

I managed to go out for a nice bicycle ride today and now I am watching the World Series and thinking about sleep. How about you? Who has Halloween plans for tomorrow? Who here loves the rain? Who here is looking forward to another succesful year of campaigning in the Skeleton Wars?

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

Matthew Harris
FNNLC brrrr edition
It's the club for cool kids, and that coolness is quite literal as the month of October progresses?

Does anyone have any plans before the rains really and truly come?

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

Matthew Harris
The fault lines of uncoolness
Yesterday I went to a job interview in Hazel Dell, which is an area to the North of Vancouver.

Before I had gone to the interview, I didn't know specifically what the job was. It turned out that it involved driving to fairly far-flung locations, including Kelso/Longview. The interviewer didn't know I didn't drive, and kind of took it for granted that I would want to, and that I would want to get a car, move to the suburbs, and have a job that involved lots of driving around.

My job interview isn't really the story.

The story is more about, even as I reported, the Portland area has been Portlandified out to many of the suburbs (Tigard, for example), there are many places where the residents live a life where driving their car from cul-de-sac to work and then to a strip mall and then home isn't just the best life. It is the only life.

And what is even weirder is that these neighborhoods, with an entirely different cultural attitude towards place, are not located that far away from the "urban areas". There is a big chunk of Vancouver, including downtown and everything up to Grand Blvd and Rosemere, where the neighborhoods are starting to look like neighborhoods again. People like having sidewalks and local businesses and parks and places you can walk to. Then you cross a fairly narrow geographical barrier (in the case of Vancouver, it is Burnt Bridge Creek or Highway 500) and you are stuck in a surburban hell that the people from their are totally oblivious to.
Matthew Harris
The Portlandification of Everywhere
As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of my main activities this summer has been visiting the extended Portland area. On the last day of summer, I took a long trip to the Southwest, all the way to Yamhill County.

Amongst other things, one of the things I've learned is that while it used to be that the "Portland Life", with local stores, farmer's markets, walkable downtowns, transit options, bicycle and pedestrian friendly roads, and all of that stuff...used to be confined to Portland proper, and to one part of Portland. The suburbs were kind of mocked as these boring places full of big box stores and terrible interchanges.

But on my recent trips, it seems almost every suburb I've been to has tried to adjust to this lifestyle shift. Tigard is still a terrible mass of traffic between I-5 and 217, but they have actually fixed downtown Tigard, and are doing some really good things with pedestrian and bicycle trails.

I wonder what the end result of this trend is going to be. In general, I think it is good. I don't know that it isn't just a cosmetic change to a culture that is still mostly based around roads, cars and big box stores. I guess we will know in ten or twenty years!
Matthew Harris
SNNLC First Autumn
Hello cool No-Lifers

Its the first autumn of 2015, and I have had a good day. I am house sitting for a friend, so my day is mostly walking the dog and internetting. I'm about to eat a good dinner, smoke a bowl, and watch Doctor Who. What are you doing out there?
Name: Portlandiaphile
November 2018
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