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Another LJ Breach, Another Chance to Say Hello to the Past

Back when I still lived in the college town where I went to college, I'd sometimes pop over to the college to walk around my old college haunts and get a feeling for how I'd changed since then (where "then" was "when I was in college").  

I can't do that since I moved to Portland, and I can rarely do that online because apparently the early internet we all loved was just us surfing the wake from a giant garbage scow.  

Anyways — hello old friends and frenemies.  Just here for the latest password breach/reset.  Miss you all. 

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Last day of the year & I forgot to be boring...

I am so slow.. . Ive become a turtle... or rather, i left the rabbit race... now i can merrily slowly win at life... im kinda addicted to being alive.... one year later, still not exploding up in space. Im happy enough .... cus i got a huge bottle of red wine for 5.99... and im off to shop for champagne and cigarettes to celebrate with the 7-11 cashier.... i exist and cant believe it!!! P.s. facebook banned me for 24 hours... karmaaaaa

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Portland!

I hope this Christmas season finds you happy and warm. I know that isn't always the case, but we can always hope.

As you might know, I am not in Portland.  It is summer where I am, and while the wet Portland winters and endless wet socks were hard, in my memories I miss the misty gray winter days and smell of pine trees. Enjoy it all! You sometimes don't know how good you have it.

Saturday Night No Life Club

I am avoiding two parties to stay inside and stare at the internet.

I might be an inappropriate host, because for me it is the middle of winter and all I want is my warm pyjamas and hot chocolate, so if anyone wants to fill up this NLC with tales of warm summer breezes and cups of wine on the patio, feel free to do so.

Besides, of course, being true No-Lifers, I hope we are faithfully in the basement, eating cheetohs, and watching reruns on TV.

How is summer going?

Hello Portland!

How is summer going? Are we working on our summer lists? After the time of endless rain and bare trees, are we unrolling the list of outdoor activities that we've been dreaming about for nine months? Is the heat as intolerable as the damp and the cold was? What's the Portlandiest thing you've done? Where are you going? Where do you plan to go? Tell me all the details!

A long way from home.

I am a long way from home, in Santiago Chile.

Along with it being close to the winter solstice here, there are many things that I miss about Portland.

One of the things that Portland has prided itself on is density, as opposed to the sprawl that has wrecked other cities. But, in comparison to where I am now, the Portland area is spread out in places. That does have some good effects, like traffic noise and crowds and pollution not always being focused into one small area. The amount of little parks and greenspaces, and even just things like stores having trees and stupid little lawns, is actually enviable. Like I wouldn't mind being in suburban Beaverton right now.

Well, that is my report for now. Say hello if you want to.