Matthew Harris (glowing_fish) wrote in damnportlanders,
Matthew Harris

Spring plans?

It looks like we are just a few days away from spring, which means it is time to change out of our four layers of clothing, remove the webbing from our toes, and enjoy all the opportunities of the Oregon spring!

I've been in Tacoma for the past month, and have been so busy with important stuff, that I've hardly noticed the change of seasons, besides to notice that half the trees have leaves now!

So are you all ready for the spring? Going to make it a great one? Tell us! :)
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Hubby and I took off Mon-Wed as vacation. We're going to take the kids to Bob's Red Mill on Monday as well as later take ourselves to a McMenamin's for the Ruby Ale on sale because it's her birthday, AND our wedding anniversary. Tuesday the girl is going to Newport with her grandma to see the aquarium and the boy is working on senior project stuff. At some point we'll probably see a movie.

nothing too exciting!
That sounds pretty exciting! And remember, even if it isn't exciting right away, you have three more months of excitement!
I paddled my new kayak to work today! But the floating dock is closing for repairs, so I'll have to wait a few weeks before trying that again.
I bet you work somewhere really exciting! But maybe not as exciting as I am imagining it to be, so maybe you shouldn't tell me! :)

What the how the water device where
My thoughts exactly.
Spring means that I’ll get more opportunities to take my camera outside. I don’t do a lot of outdoor/landscape photography, but spring is a good time to shake off the rust… maybe get some flower macro shots… a trip or two to the Portland Japanese Garden… and the Portland Farmers Market… and a few other out-and-about scenes in Portland.

At home… cleaning and yardwork… lots of anime (the new season starts in a couple of weeks). No traveling outside of the metro area.
Those sound like good plans! I take lots of pictures. I've found that taking even normal, "boring" outdoors pictures can be really enticing and interesting, especially after some time has elapsed. Its always surprising to look at pictures of December in June...its hard to believe how dormant everything was!
Spring is going to be so busy for me. 2 jobs plus full time school for a bit, then down to one job and school.

But mostly I'm dreading summer. I've been enjoying winter soooooooooooooo much!
Ah, but this will be an Oregon summer, which you haven't seen for a while.

I'm in the wrong state and we got our cherry blossoms early, but I did a little shout out to the PDX when I saw them.
Do you get your cherry blossoms early, or do we get ours late?

Deleted comment

You can always go to Arcata or something to enjoy the...rain. Yeah, that is it.

Also, aren't you employed now? Does that take some of the sting out of being stuck in Sacramento?